About Us

Statsninja is a website that helps us to understand our own personal relationship to sports. It was a project built in our spare time as a labor of love. We hope that you enjoy it.

Shingo Murata

I was born in Tokyo, currently reside in Chicago, IL. I'm always trying to strike a fine balance - balance between my Japanese heritage and American culture, balance between being a Product person and an Engineer, balance between work and fun, etc. I have worked at STATS LLC and Narrative Science, and write columns for NFL Japan. Follow me at @azukiice

Craig Booth

I am a data scientist, data engineer, ex-astrophysicist and happy ex-pat living in Chicago. My involvement with statsninja arose because I love doing projects with sports statistics and visualization and have long wanted a way to relate my own experience of sports to the numbers. Outside of coding, I largely spend my time watching Netflix and/or staring blankly into the middle distance. Follow me on Twitter at @craigmbooth

Josh Smith

I am a CPA with a passion for entrepreneurship and sports. My sports alliances lie with the Iowa Hawkeyes and Chicago Cubs/Blackhawks/Bears/Bulls. I met Shingo and Craig at Narrative Science where I head up finance and accounting. Follow me at @joshuasmith2



The MLB box score information we use comes from Retrosheet. Interested parties may contact Retrosheet at www.retrosheet.org.

The baseball header image on our landing page is by Flickr user slgckgc and is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 licence